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How to choose a high quality fuse holder

How to choose a high quality fuse holder
 With the further improvement of people\’s living standard, for home appliances, consumer electrical products, the safe use of many manufacturers more will fuse applied to the circuit protection, fuse tube seat due to low value, the human body and equipment protection strong, easy to replace and other characteristics, now more and more are used in various circuit protection equipment, But many design engineers for how to choose a high-quality fuse tube seat, is not very clear, I based on their own industry experience, summary of the characteristics:

First, the ion of good quality fuse holder, what are the main indicators?
1. High-pressure test, in the laboratory, a good fuse block, for example fh10-11 products, high pressure at least 1500VAC a minute, some products can be up to 3800VAC for 1 minutes.If the quality of the fuse tube block is poor, in the 1000VAC test, the fuse wall will be strong voltage breakdown, resulting in leakage hazards.
2. Temperature rise test: about the fuse tube seat temperature rise requirements, UL certification requirements are not higher than the 55℃,vde and CQC requirements is not higher than 85 ℃, the premise is to use certification requirements of the designated conductive copper rod as a simulation of insurance to remove the fuse caused by the temperature rise, temperature rise testing the main purpose is to test,

Fuse block manufacturer, whether the material to meet the requirements, conductive hardware is conductive good brass or copper as conductive carrier, in addition, fuse clips (sets) for the fuse itself clamping strength to ensure full contact, reduce contact resistance, reduce temperature rise. The above two-point basic feature is to test a high-quality fuse tube block The main two indicators, but this test method, usually only the manufacturer, or in the relevant laboratory to complete. But for the general engineering staff, how to easily choose a good fuse tube seat?

Please refer to the following several aspects: A, the ion of a UL certification, CQC,CE certified fuse block. Regular manufacturers, will be in the fuse tube seat on their own logo trademarks, and high-quality manufacturers, will apply for the United States UL certification, China CQC certification, the European Union CE certification, to obtain these certification, for the production of high demand for manufacturers, application and maintenance of the cost of certification high profile,

Only have a very high production capacity manufacturers have so many certification, the current domestic do a good fuse tube manufacturers, HONYONE fuseholder, foreign manufacturers powerful special, BASF, Schulte and other companies. B. Look at the appearance. One is to see whether the formal manufacturer\’s logo. The second is to look at the insurance tube seat itself, plastic material brightness, good materials generally high brightness, is obviously the production of new materials, poor color, the third is to see conductive, terminal electric meter surface electroplating, such as genuine honyone production fuse block all hardware is silver-plated, and domestic manufacturers are nickel, electroplating is not good, wiring

The terminal is easy to oxidize, the contact resistance is increased, the temperature rise becomes larger, and the influence is safe. C, weigh the weight. In the ion of different manufacturers of the same variety of condoms, the simplest way, is weighing, or by hand to weigh the weight of the general quality will be better. Because the original new material production fuse block, high quality, plastic seat itself will be heavier, the most important is the metal conductive copper, the big manufacturers will not steal material, conductive copper sleeve will generally be used very thick, increase the contact surface, conducive to heat dissipation, and the quality is not good, in order to save copper pieces of material, and some even use aluminum or iron instead of copper pieces,

Or to reduce the size of the copper, or thickness, because the copper is the fuse block cost of the largest components, the false will be more on the copper pieces of article, so as long as the hand on the weight, the relatively better.

I believe that through the above introduction, we will know how to choose a high-quality fuse tube seat,

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